Enjoy a Smoother Ride

Enjoy a Smoother Ride

Restore your Acworth, GA driveway with an asphalt overlay

Has your driveway or parking lot seen better days? L & H Paving & Seal Coating in Acworth, GA can repair and restore your blacktop surface. Our professionals can level the surface, smoothing away potholes and tire tread. Then we'll install an asphalt overlay using recycled asphalt and even apply a protective seal to ensure its longevity.

Give your guests and customers a reliable place to park when they visit. Contact us today to schedule your recycled asphalt installation today.

Why restore your asphalt?

Putting off your asphalt repairs could be affecting your home's or business's value. Keeping your driving and walking paths smooth is important because...

  • A crumbling driveway takes away from your home's appearance.
  • Patched road cracks are slick and unsafe for motorcyclists.
  • A pothole-ridden parking lot deters people from visiting your business.
  • Uneven walking paths keep visitors from using your facility.

L & H Paving & Seal Coating can reconstruct your driveway or parking lot with an efficient asphalt overlay. You'll notice the difference an even surface makes for your guests.